Friday, November 4, 2011

OOTN: 18th Birthday Party

Last night I made my way to a 18th birthday party, hosted by one of the girls I did an art course with over the summer. The dress code was casual, but knowing me, I had to get out my heals. I look for any excuse to whip out a pair of heals because I'm only 5'1 after all! I thought this outfit worked well because the dress was quite formal but the over-sized cardigan really toned it down. And the heals weren't very dramatic either,  being black wedges. I threw on some of my staple jewelery and hoped for the best! The party was great fun and I met loads of lovely people. Success!

over-sized cardigan - Pennys / Primark
skater dress - TOPSHOP
tights - Pennys / Primark
suede wedge boot - Forever 21
jewelry - Forever 21

My makeup was quite dramatic with a deep red lip, dark brown eyes, bold brows, winged liner and dramatic lashes. I thought the makeup tied in relatively well with my outfit (I hope!)

eye-shadows - The Naked Palette- Urban Decay
lipstick - Diva - MAC
blush - Lady Blush - MAC
false lashes - Just Lashes (available in most pharmacies)

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Leanne xxx


  1. Ahh I think I have your dress! Is it the velvet one?? Outfit looks lovely!

  2. It's the lycra one :) ooh Velvet one sounds nice! Thanks so much!

  3. What hair products did you use?
    Follow back girl!! xx
    ~Chloe Jade

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